• PCB Separator for V Groove Circuit Boards,SMTfly-1M
PCB Separator for V Groove Circuit Boards,SMTfly-1M

PCB Separator for V Groove Circuit Boards,SMTfly-1M

  • Product description: PCB Separator for V Groove Circuit Boards,SMTfly-1M
PCB Separator for V Groove Circuit Boards,SMTfly-1M Features:
1.Round knife, manually cutting against lower linear knife, for reduced stress
2.Separate pre-scored PCB assembly without stress on either PCB or component
3.One touch programming of cut length with digital display economical V-cut PCB separator
4.Separating speed is adjusted by a rotary knob economical V-cut PCB separator
5.Handle Intermittent scoring or cut-outs economical V-cut PCB separator
6.Board with projected component can be cut precisely economical V-cut PCB separator
7.Large stainless steel platform on both side of cutting blade prevents board wobble and table height and angle are adjustable

Computer pcb cutting machine    Computer pcb cutting machine
PCB Separator for V Groove Circuit Boards,SMTfly-1M FAQ:
1. Q:What is warranty of the machine?
A:1 year.
2. Q:How do you pack the machine?
A:We fix the machine on the plywood base with screws to ensure safe transportation.
3. Q:What is life time of machine blades?
A:About 6-12 months.
4. Q:What is material of blades?
A:Japan high speed steel
5. Q:Can the blades be sharpened?
A:Yes, they could be re-sharpened for 2-3 times.
6. Q:How do you offer oversea service?
A:We could send engineer to do installation and training for client if needs.
7. Q:Can we see your machine in our country?
A:Yes, we would like to advise contact details of our clients who are using our machine.

Our Service:

# 1 day delivery
# 24 hours fast response
# Largest manufactory in South China
# 100% responsible for quality
# 15 years experience
# Free sharpening for blades within 3 months
# Controlled drawings make strict confidentiality for clients

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