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  • Laser PCB Depanelizer,SMTfly-6
Laser PCB Depanelizer,SMTfly-6

Laser PCB Depanelizer,SMTfly-6

  • Product description: Laser PCB Depanelizer,SMTfly-6

laser pcb depanelizer,SMTfly-6 Features:

More quick and easy, shorten the delivery time;
High quality 、no distortion、surface clean& uniformity;

Gathering the CNC tech、laser tech、software tech…High accuracy、High speed

laser pcb depanelizer,SMTfly-6 Description:
Neat and smooth edge, no burr or overflow
Wide application range, including FPC exterior cutting, profile cutting, drilling, opening window for covering, etc.
Laser wavelength:  355nm
Rated power:  10W/12W/15W/18W@30KHz
Galvanometer working field Per One Process: 40 × 40mm
Power consumption for the hole machine:  2KW

laser pcb depanelizer,SMTfly-6 Cutting Application:

FPC and some relative materials;
FPC/PCB/ Rigid-Flex PCB cutting, Camera module cutting;

laser pcb depanelizer,SMTfly-6 Specification:

Q-Switched diode-pumped all solid-state UV laser
Laser Wavelength:
Laser Power:
Positioning Precision of Worktable of Linear Motor:
Repetition Precision of Worktable of Linear Motor:
Effective Working Field:
Laser Scanning Speed:
2500mm/s (max)
Galvanometer Working Field Per One Process:

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