• Multi-blades PCB Depanelizer Machine,SMTfly-2SN
Multi-blades PCB Depanelizer Machine,SMTfly-2SN

Multi-blades PCB Depanelizer Machine,SMTfly-2SN

  • Product description: Multi-blades PCB Depanelizer Machine,SMTfly-2SN
Multi-blades PCB Depanelizer Machine,SMTfly-2SN Features:
1.It can cut many boards with multiple sets of knives work at the same time.
2.The knife flywheel is adjustable as a whole from 0 to 5mm
3.The distance between knives is regulable as well, satisfy to cutting the single PCB width from 15mm-20mm
4.The blade is made of Japan imported high speed and high precision steel material, which is durable and have a long service life.
5.It is convenient to adjust the cutting speed through rotary knob
6. No limits of the cutting length.
7.Thickness range of PCB: 0.8-3.5mm
8. With a conveyor belt line, the separated PCB can be send out directly to reduce pick- and-place.
9.The machine adopts multiple blade to separate boards with simple operation and high efficiency.
10. It can connect the production line to separate the PCB, fitted for batch production.

Computer pcb cutting machine   Computer pcb cutting machine
Multi-blades PCB Depanelizer Machine,SMTfly-2SN Specification:
Max cutting length:                   No limit
Min cutting length:                   100mm
Max cutting width:                    160mm
Custom cutting width:              300mm
Min PCB width:                        8mm
PCB thickness:                          0.8-3.5mm
Feeding speed:                          0-500mm/s
Working tem.:                           10-35℃
Blade material(auto-lock function):Imported high precision steel
Storge tem.:                              -20-50℃
Voltage:                                    110-220V
Dimension:                               2160*570*1050mm
Packaging weight:                     424kgs

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